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About - A Full Service Business Tax Company

What does it mean to be a full service business tax company?


The LM Company knows first hand that addressing the tax complexities for business transactions in advance will help a business determine any potential tax consequences and develop tax strategies through in depth planning to ensure that the business has the best tax outcome possible.


This can be attained by providing an additional value that other tax offices tend to overlook which is unlimited consultation on a monthly basis.

All entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, and business owners whether in its early stages or fully established, engage in transactions each and every day and each transaction may have different tax outcomes.

This is how The LM Company is looking to be a different kind of tax company by being a specialist that knows the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and self-employed individuals who are serious of growing their business.

Meet Mr. Luis Bravo, the tax expert behind the LM Company by clicking here

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