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Business Owners

This group is comprised of either an individual or group of individuals who are either incorporated or not-incorporated, but have been in business for at least 5 years, have employees or contractors, have an established business generating revenue every year, and most likely has a physical location.

Alternatively, this group also includes those who have purchased an established business from a former owner or company and now the new owner/s will assume the activities of the business.

In either scenario, business owners at this level now require a business tax specialist who can help them with more complex business tax issues such as real estate leasing or acquisition, retirement planning, pension plans for employees,  or estate and financial planning both at the business and personal levels.

The following is a brief list of tax issues that established business owners may encounter:


  • What issues exist when acquiring a physical location?

  • What issues exist when leasing a physical location?

  • What are benefits are available for employees and employers?

    • Pension benefits

    • Health benefits

    • Fringe benefits

  • I'm ready to expand. What tax issues exist?

  • Acquisition or sale of business

Products and Offers - Coming Soon

The Entrepreneur Tax Guide

Becoming an entrepreneur is an up and down journey but it can become more burdensome if certain business issues are left unattended, and tax issues is one of them.

What should an entrepreneur be aware of when starting a new business or acquiring an established one? What pitfalls to look out for when incorporating? When and why should a business incorporate?

In this guide we will go over the basics for four types of entrepreneurs: self-employed individuals, start-ups with no business plan, start-ups with a business plan, and established businesses. The guide will list the basic tax items that need to be addressed in each category to ensure that the entrepreneur avoids major headaches down the road.

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