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Every person is unique and every business is run different. For this reason, our tax laws may apply different for every tax situation. The following categories summarizes the general aspects of each one. You can click on each category individually for more detailed information.


Whether individuals are single or married, have children or not, are currently employed or recently laid off, this is just one of many issues that individuals may have that can trigger a tax consequence.

High Income Earners

As individuals earn higher incomes, they face higher challenges when it comes to taxes. Limited deductions and credits, as well as additional taxes are just a few examples.


Unlike employees, self-Employed people are not only on their own when it comes to earning income, they're also on their own to pay all the taxes.

Small Businesses

If running a business is considered a challenge, small businesses owners also face an array of tax challenges from payroll to excise.

Trust and Estate Planning

Hard work should pay off in the end. This is accomplished by preserving wealth not only for the next generation, but also for unforeseen circumstances.


Charitable organizations offer a lot of help to society, but they must abide by strict tax rules to ensure that their service is entirely not-for-profit.

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